Professional Video Tributes


Every life is a story worth telling. Our approach is similar to the one Michaelangelo took when he carved out the statue of David. He first walked aound and around the marble slab, visualizing the masterpiece inside, and then proceeded to remove all the bits that weren’t David.

You and others who know your hero(ine) best can share the stories of their lives through memories and photos. We know how to put all the right pieces together into an artisticly produced film that will last a lifetime. In other words, if you supply the marble, we will do the carving.

In the portfolio below, you will see examples of legacy films that celebrate the lives of beloved parents and grandparents; a local community hero who is honoured for decades of service; a farewell message to a beloved hospital director presented by her colleagues, family and friends on her departure; the personal memoirs of a talented artist of and a committed business leader, each told in their own words; and on the occasion of its 150th birthday, the Town of Orangeville celebrated together with the whole community by projecting a commemorative video (featured below) onto the front of the town hall.

Who’s your hero(ine)? We’d love to meet them - either directly, or through the recounting of your own special memories. Then we’d be honoured to help you tell the whole world about them.

Recipe for making a
stirring tribute story
about that special someone

1) Collect people who know all
the best stories about the hero(ine)

2) Translate those stories from
memories into film, via interviews

3) Collect all the best available photos
home movies, video clips and memorabilia

4) Stir gently together, and allow to rise
until the story takes it's own perfect shape


Tribute And Legacy Video Portfolio

Talk To Us About Your Star!

We want to learn all about what makes them so special

After chatting with you on the phone, we will come to wherever your Star and / or those who know them best can be interviewed. Our location is Orangeville, which makes anything in the area below accessible without travel costs. Key people outside this area can also be interviewed via Skype, and we can coach you through a few easy steps to make this possible. We will also travel to shoot anywhere in Canada with a crew of two, for additional travel and accommodation fees.

Your completed video production will consist of a combination of the following types of elements, supplied by you and / or filmed by our team:

  • Interviews (local and Skype)
  • Archival photos in any form
  • Archival home movies in any form
  • Cell phone videos
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Memorabilia, such as trophies, souvenirs, teddy bears ...
  • New, original footage of relevant people and / or locations
  • Drone footage of relevant locations
  • Opening and closing graphic sequences
  • Production music tracks

How much of which of these elements are included will depend entirely on you, and the cost of your project will be determined primarily by the estimated production hours required.

Our typical production / turnaround window is 8-12 weeks.

A dedicated web page with a custom URL is also available on request. It features the completed video, and includes background info and photos about your Star and the production.

Service area

Drew Morey Productions

We are a full service video production company founded in 1999, serving corporate, not-for-profit and educational clients. Our passion has always been to tell the human side of every story in the most creative and engaging way possible.

One of the things that makes producing documentary tributes and life celebration videos so rewarding is the freedom to set aside all focus on promotion and branding, and to turn our full attention to the richness of people’s personal histories.

The love and regard of people we interview for their featured hero(ine)s is like jet fuel for the creative process. You can’t script genuine affection and respect; it’s the authenticity of love that energizes each story so effectively. THEIR story is an essential part of YOUR story, and our mission is to help you tell it beautifully.