April and Jason Story

April and Jason have navigated a harrowing journey through the loss of their baby son, Elijah, followed by two extremely high risk pregnancies. April’s willingness to be vulnerable is a great gift to Headwaters Hospital and to anyone who listens to her story. She has nothing but praise and gratitude for the exemplary way her whole family has been supported …

Marlee and Tom Story

Headwaters Health Care Foundation Hosted their first live gala event since 2019, before Covid. This feel good story is set against a backdrop of exemplary professional care and support from all the staff at Headwaters Hospital through three successful baby deliveries. This video was featured at the Headwaters 2022 Gala fundraising event as a warm up piece.

Rediscovering Chuck Morey

Charles Taylor Morey was an artist, musician, professor, husband, father and grandpa. He was also a deeply flawed human being who rose to great heights of success, crashed spectacularly, and won the love and respect of everyone he knew. This production was a labour of love by the Morey family from start to finish. Adrienne initiated and sponsored the project, …

The Data Cable Co. Inc. Virtual Tour

The Data Cable Co. Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of custom cable assemblies who provide interconnecting solutions for OEMs. They are also a home grown success story which started and has stayed in Orangeville since 1980. The facility near fails to impress new visitors, who are surprised by the completeness, complexity and self containment of the entire planning and manufacturing …

Family Transition Place – International Women’s Day

To Celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, Family Transition Place invited a group of 5 women trailblazers to share their experiences and insights into the role of women in society and the workplace, and how it has evolved over the 25 years of FTP’s existence.

William Osler Health System – The Slice of Life Cafe

PoET is an initiative of the ethics branch of William Osler Health System that helps to prevent unnecessary or unwanted transitions between long-term care homes and hospitals. This tongue in cheek satire pokes lighthearted fun at the way roles in the health care system – particularly involving the care of the elderly – can get seriously mixed up. The goal …

Headwaters Foundation – Patient Story 2019

This is the annual patient story video we produce for Headwaters Hospital Foundation to be shown at the Gala event each year in May. In 2019, a pair or stories were combined to address the theme of keeping families together. A record donation total was reached at the event.

GrandPals 2020 – Seniors Participation Appeal

GrandPals has been successfully connecting school children with seniors, resulting in meaningful, long term friendships. This promotional appeal encourages elderly volunteers to share their life stories and wisdom with with some new, much younger friends.

Reverse Margin by Dr Emil Svoboda

Dr Emil Svoboda has patented a paradigm shifting innovation in dental implant technology. We were commissioned to create a product launch teaser to introduce the new technology. The Reverse Margin™ is a design feature that describes the shape of the margin built into a custom abutment and its complimentary prosthesis. It affects the direction of flow of cement during the …